About Us:

        Carpenter bees are members of the genus Xylocopa (Latreille, 1802) - literally 'wood cutters'.  There are approximately 500 known species of carpenter bee distributed globally in both the old world and the new.

Their name comes from the way that female carpenter bees burrow into wood in order to build nests for egg-laying and nectar storage.  They are ecologically important pollinators, but their wood cutting habit sometimes brings them into conflict with humans (especially if they are burrowing into the timbers of people houses) and they are sometimes described as a pest species.  However, they really are only doing what comes naturally.

        By the same token, Carpenter Bee believes in doing what comes naturally - using a blend of traditional and (ahem) cutting-edge modern techniques to make furniture and craft pieces that are both useful and beautiful.  My aim is to make whatever a client wants within their budget. Whether that's something simple, practical and small like a trinket box or desk tidy; or something large and ornate like a 12 seat dining table or display cabinet. 

        Although Carpenter Bee is a relatively new start-up, based in the Maker's Quarter communal workshop in Salford, we have a serious commitment to old-school craftsmanship - much or our work is done using hand tools rather than power tools.  If you want something made for you, we are the people to speak to.

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